Pragnya Bodhini High School


Set up prescription based Online Curriculum & Professional Development program with a feedback & generic report generating model.


PBHS had a vision to provide a structured online prescription based Curriculum & Professional development programs to improve the quality of education in their school.

PBHS had difficulty in managing and distributing the information effectively. All reports were being generated manually and it was cumbersome for teachers , as it was an additional workload on the teachers.


LIFE Team in collaboration with Edbrix helped PBHS to implement Evalbrix to help PBHS in providing a comprehensive prescription based effective online program

EvalBrix enables the administrators to

  • Build courses with tests, videos and presentationsincluding end of course certification
  • Generate generic reports based on observations in class as a feedback
  • Create dashboards for teachers
  • Generate daily/ weekly/ monthly reports to monitor progress of the effective completion of lesson plans

The outcome

Pragnya Bodhini High School (PBHS) in Mumbai has been the most receptive and effective learning arena for LIFE org. Our experience with the management team and the teachers gives us a clear understanding of how an organisation can grow when learning happens at both ends. Teachers at PBHS have been growing leaps and bounds with the introduction of the technology Platform – Evalbrix. Teachers and management at PBHS have used the LIFE designed strategies and tools in the form of Thematic & Experiential learning for a span of 2 years for pre- primary section and 1 year for Grade 1 & 2 and has given effective results in the form of encouraging and extremely positive parent feedbacks every year and efficacious delivery of LIFE lesson plans on the technology platform in the classroom for all grades.