Schools help students prepare for their future. Every school district is looking for a prescription-based evaluation process for students. Levelbrix shows student progress, accomplishments and level up paths toward their individual educational goals (College, Career, and Life Readiness).

Levelbrix is designed by superintendents and principals. The application connects to different databases to monitor test progress, GPA and other student data to build a profile and resume.


  • Create readiness programs (College, Career, and Life Readiness)
  • Build the non-academic accomplishments (leadership, debate or extra-curricular, etc.)
  • Generate the student profile over their academic career


Connect the assignment data from eduphoria, Dmac, Sykword, Txeis.
Teacher endorsements are added to student profiles
Teachers can easily approve student activities that are added to their profiles (like Community Service)


  • Student profile with level graphs.
  • Show the unit test level growth comparison with goals and GPA.
  • Student can get complete resume at time graduation.
  • Parents can monitor the student growth

Easy to use

Counselor can manage the data easily, students can upload and submit the information with a single click.

Text Control

Have the ability to manage and add different readiness programs based on school and campus requirement.

Flexible/ portable

It is flexible to manage the activity and easy to access with single sign on for both teachers and students.


Complete application is secured with SSL and protects all student data

Course management

Teachers and coordinator can create the no academic courses or connect to external courses.

User management

manage the users and teachers so that they can access the student information and profile.