Edbrix is launched!– The Only Interactive Collaborative Learning Platform.

Welcome to Edbrix and thank you for taking your time to learn a little about us. Edbrix is an Advanced Interactive Cloud Based Market Place Portal created especially for Schools, Teachers, Trainers, Tutors, Professors, Coaches and Instructors. Our Market place portal gives Educationists the opportunity to professionally broadcast live audio and video, upload pre-recorded video, publish courses and incorporate reference documents to provide online learning and development.

A worldwide, single sign-on, easy to use, online portal built on top of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 platforms, connecting students, parents, teachers, and administrators on a single platform using state of the art technology for all learning activities. Edbrix will reduce current chaos and disarray in use of technology in scholastic education and enterprise training.

Edbrix facilitates E-Learning in a cost effective manner by leveraging existing software and cloud technologies while addressing the needs of all stakeholders in scholastic education and enterprise training sectors. Edbrix has incorporated the state of the art systems to ensure the integrity of the platform while providing the privacy and security of individuals and Institutions.

Edbrix Inc. is a vibrant technology company with a deep understanding of the educational market. We have development partnerships with Google and Microsoft. We have developed unique API connections and proprietary codes for interacting with Google Apps and Services. Our developers are technically equipped to understand the dynamics and changes in Google Services to implement and integrate into the Edbrix platform.

Key Features:

Universal Sign-On using Google and Microsoft – Core Educational Platform

Unique integration API capability bringing effective collaboration and communication among all stake holders

Edbrix is the Only platform that provides single click broadcast and record capability

Edbrix offers Study Group Creation for online collaboration communication so even if the students are not in class room they can still participate and communicate with their virtual classmates

Single Click Web meeting for simplified communication

Open XML and API’s allows Edbrix users to connect with thousands of Educational APPS

Our Proprietary Notes Generation Module for Edbrix allows students to create notes with a single click. Student can highlight topics allowing our advance search engine tools to find the best videos, the best articles, and the best questions/answer to provide a better and more in depth understanding on the subject matter.

Students and Teachers can access many Apps from our Edbrix App Market

With Edbrix Global Educational Platform, Teachers can collaborate and share the assignments, quizzes, and class curriculums readily.


Contact –aparab@edbrix.in. 972-510-7005

Academicians, CEOs and entrepreneurs join hands to build edutech startup Edbrix for collaborative online learning

Academicians, CEOs and entrepreneurs join hands to build edutech startup Edbrix for collaborative online learning

The number of edutech startups in the country is simply mind boggling. From April 2000 to January 2015, the FDI flow into the education sector was close to USD 1,071.15 million. The India Brand Equity Foundation suggests that India is looking to have close to 500 million skilled workers by 2022. However, the founders at Edbrix felt that the current edutech platforms were lacking a few things. Looking at the gap, they decided to build a core education platform that had a universal sign-on using Microsoft and Google.

Edbrix has a unique integration API capability that brings effective collaboration and communication among all stakeholders. It also provides a single-click broadcast and record capability.

What does it do?

Ashutosh Parab, who Co-founded Edbrix with Sathish Manduva says the company offers study group creation for online collaboration communication. This means even if the students are not in the classroom, they can still participate and communicate with their classmates virtually. The open XML and APIs allow users to connect with thousands of educational apps.

He says, “Our Proprietary Notes Generation Module for Edbrix allows students to create notes with a single click. Students can highlight topics allowing our advanced search engine tools to find the best videos, articles, and questions/answers to provide a better and more in-depth understanding of the subject matter.”

Solving the problem areas

Students were finding it difficult to log in to multiple systems. Most schools were using Google for education drive and email service. The teachers were using other applications for curriculum and assignments. There was no single system for students to access this information, leading to confusion, missed assignments and homework.

Edbrix is an interactive and collaborative learning platform for education and corporate training sectors. Ashutosh says that Edbrix also has the features found in other platforms.

“We have development partnerships with Google and Microsoft and have developed unique API connections and proprietary codes for interacting with Google apps and services. Our developers are technically equipped to understand the dynamics and changes in Google services to implement and integrate into the Edbrix platform,” he adds.

Backgrounds and team building

Ashutosh has international experience in the educational market from the Middle East, Africa and United States. He also has experience in building various products in the past, from conceptualision and designing to packaging. He started exploring the right development team for this product. Satish Manduva has been the CEO of Intellisoft Technology and one of first persons to introduce private IT-software-employment-focussed education programme in Dallas-Forth Worth in 1997.

“Ganesh Chaudhari is working with us for different projects. His technical knowledge and problem solving skills help us build this platform with the right team in place,” adds Ashutosh.

When the platform was ready to be introduced to schools, the team contacted Robert P. Mendoza, who has over 30 years of experience in building many organisations and successful businesses in the US.

Sourabh Mishra joined as the Director, Operations. He is a graduate from IIT Varanasi as a Bachelor of Technology, and was awarded a PhD in Materials Science from University of Alabama. He has also obtained an MBA in General Management from University of Texas, Austin.

Growth and traction

The company launched the first version in May 2015. The Academy of Dallas has decided to work with them to run a pilot programme for over 500 students. The Bridge Builder Academy, USA, a school for students with special needs, is planning to use the Edbrix platform for online scheduling and collaborative communication.

“We are implementing for 50 students. We have set up five agents for cold-calling 98,000 schools in the United States,” says Ashutosh.

The product development and testing is done in India from their development centres at Kolhapur, Chennai and Hyderabad. Currently, they have a team of five employees actively involved in the development of Edbrix platform. The plan is to have 100 employees in development, quality control and support.

Satish has invested around USD 2,15,000 in Edbrix. “We are looking for the next step of funding to take this production nationally as well internationally. We are planning to set up a non-profit site www.edbrix.org, where schools could post requirements for software and hardware or any other need for their support,” Ashutosh adds.

YourStory’s Take

Vedantu, Simplilearn, Toppr, Iprof, Meritnation, Talentedge and embibe.com among others are some of the names in the segment which have been using aforementioned education methods and technologies to reach a wider audience. In the past two years, these platforms have shown enormous growth and have been able to draw investor interest as well.


Azure and Office 365 work together to power Texas startup Edbrix’s advanced

In today’s globalized economy, there is a constant demand to embrace a wide set of educational skills and knowledge and Texas based startup Edbrix Inc. is here to help. Edbrix has opened up the informational flood gates with their advanced interactive cloud based market place portal, exclusively designed to make E-learning simple, fun, and interactive. The only single sign-on learning platform for students, teachers, parents and administrators, Edbrix can be utilized worldwide, at all grade levels – including higher education. Edbrix leverages popular social networking technologies and integrates them into their active learning community – enabling users to teach, learn, communicate, and collaborate 24 hours a day, within a single dashboard, via numerous devices. According to Founder Ashutosh Parab, “We are dedicated to creating an environment for learning and developing educational solutions, for any environment. We really want to transform the e-learning experience so that it can benefit people of all education levels and learning rates.”

Edbrix connects users to different educational applications using open API’s – enabling both students and teachers to focus on learning activities rather than navigating between disconnected applications. “Hopefully”, continues Parab, “we can reduce the chaos and disarray that currently clouds the use of new technology in scholastic education and enterprise training.

A Microsoft BizSpark member, Edbrix facilitates its learning in a cost effective manner because it leverages on top of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft cloud technologies. The company also uses Office 365 API’s to connect office, video, and skype and improve document processing and communication between users. In addition to its connectivity, Edbrix integrates productivity tools and social networking apps to enhance the functionality of other Microsoft educational tools.

If you want to improve your learning, teaching, or just general knowledge check out Texas startup Edbrix’s new e-learning solution.

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6 Questions with Founder of Edbrix

Ashutosh Parab is the Founder of Edbrix, an interactive collaborative learning platform for students and teachers around the world.

1. First of all, can you tell us a little about your role and what you do at Edbrix?

Founder of Edbrix, a Bachelor of Engineer in Electronics and Communication, certified in Java and Oracle. Ashutosh has worked with diverse organizations such as Matlab, SPS, and Oracle.

I headed the Africa operation for Oracle and educational software in my early days. I have extensive international experience, having worked in India, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and the US.

With 24 years of experience in educational software, I understand the E-Learning environment and helped develop the industry disruptive Edbrix Learning Management System that is simple and complete.

Being an involved parent over the last few years, I saw my son struggle with multiple accounts for various programs being used by teachers. That gave me the idea that students and teachers in order to take advantage of technology in education need a system that was simplified and unified in one platform.

We started in 2013 developing a server based technology but ran into several issues and ended up with several course corrections to where we are today. A simple yet complete learning platform built on the common software tools being used on a day to day basis.

Having very limited resources we wear multiple hats in Edbrix. In addition to managing product development, I am also functioning as CEO trying to influence investors and showcase our product. As expected in the current atmosphere, we are getting a lot of interest from the investors.

We are in the process of meeting with investors and trying to find the right partners who would not only help us with funds but share our vision.

2. Can you tell us a little about your go to market strategy, current growth/marketing channels are working for you right now?

Within the strategic business units for Schools K-12, Colleges and Universities, and Business Enterprises, Edbrix will initially focus on the Secondary School segment with a targeted client base of Private and Charter Schools.

We feel that these school systems will embrace Edbrix more readily and can make decisions for implementation on a timelier basis.

Also, due to the higher average level of proficiency of the student body over public schools, teachers and students will easily integrate Edbrix as a key component into their course curriculums.

Indeed, public school systems represent a far greater market segment, however, the acceptance and implementation timeline for public schools will longer.

In our third year of operation, we will launch Edbrix for Colleges and Universities. Although the platform base will be the same for K-12 schools, we envision the platform to able to integrate more course content through archived instructional lectures, study groups, and third party providers.

Furthermore, the collegiate system will expand the ability for the faculty to reach more students with varied conditions and time frames. With reference for the Business Enterprise segment, this market will be primarily based on content hosting and management.

We have identified the need for virtual employee training for companies for an initial and ongoing basis. We have recognized the need for these systems to maintain a very high-security protocol to ensure that company proprietary information is only provided and disseminated to authorized personnel.

Further, there is a need for companies to provide virtual product support and instructional tutorials as part of the overall product support obligations to their customer base. Edbrix’s initial marketing strategy will be largely based on social media based and networking in the educational groups.

The biggest initial challenge will be to broadly get our name known in the local, regional, and national educational markets. Edbrix will become involved in several scholastic organizations throughout Texas and Southwest community which will give direct access to educators and administrators in the secondary schools.

Edbrix will be in attendance at regional and national school conferences, symposiums, and conventions. We have retained the services of a call center to initiate the preliminary contact to schools which will be followed up by direct contact with our sales representative seeking an opportunity to demonstrate our product.

For those potential school clients that a live demo is not feasible due to travel budget or personnel unavailability, we will conduct an online demonstration. With forthcoming investor funding, we will use the substantial portion of these funds to implement a comprehensive marketing and sales campaign.

3. What is the biggest mistake you have made with Edbrix so far that other founders can learn from?

Initially, Edbrix is designed for US market only, but later we found that there are big international requirements. We need to understand whatever you develop supports a big market and big audience.

Build open APIS to connect different industry expert modules rather than building from scratch.

4. Let’s talk you… what apps, blogs, and tools can’t you live without?

Wikipedia, Quora, Angel list, how it works, Facebook and LinkedIn

5. What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack?

We have developed many Edbrix modules/connectors those are helpful to make many educational processes easy.

For example, we build the entire application on google cloud, identified the different APIS which can be connected to the system to make it easy communication and collaboration.

One of the important thing that we have done instead of building entire New LMS system (where LMS market is already crowded) we have changed or turned the google and Microsoft productive tools into interactive classroom LMS.

That is time-saving life hack for bringing product quickly in the market.

6. What resource have you watched/read/listened to that’s had the biggest impact on your business/life recently, and why?

To understand more on startup, I have attended many startup presentations as well as became a member of startup groups locally as well as internationally.

Shark Tank is my favorite show on CNBC, helped me to understand investor’s responses and questions on various ventures.

Sites like angel list, Funding, Young startup Group helps me to connect to many people. Sites like Wikipedia, E-learning, helps me to understand educational trends.