Leadership Development Master Class

This training programme was designed to equip and develop school principals with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to become competent leaders to lead schools. Through the leadership training process, participants reflected on their strengths and weaknesses, and developed goals for improvement to become more effective in their professional role as principals.

NCERT Guidelines for Preschool- 2018

The guidelines stated by the NCERT set up a new understanding for all teachers and administrators so as to ensure good quality preschool education for children. These guidelines provide the parameters for infrastructure, qualifications for preschool staff, admission process, records and registers to be managed along with the importance of coordination and conversions with community and parents. These further hold a greater understanding of running a preschool and its proper functioning. Presentation on these guidelines was successfully organized in 4 different states in India. The event included short presentation followed by panel discussion with a group of eminent educators across India