Assignbrix is designed to support the next generation, paperless classroom. It allows the teacher to create the assignment and share with students. Teachers can create groups, share documents, and connect to Google classrooms or Microsoft Education.



  • Sync student rosters and create groups and assignments with single click
  • Assignments can be developed from a paper-based assignment, multiple choice or linked from an existing application or create your own
  • Students can submit the answer with single click and teacher review, grade and return


  • Import compatible files from Canvas, Blackboard or SCROM with a single click to create your unit test by TEKS or other standards.
  • Connect to Google Drive and Google Forms or any other unit test links like eduphoria! or DMAC
  • Supports “Safe Exam Browser”


  • Student submits the test with the objective or annotated answers.
  • Teacher can manage assignments using “Safe Exam Browser” to avoid plagiarism.
  • Teacher grades and returns exam to student with comments.
  • The grade will be updated to Student Information System, automatically

Easy to use

It is app available on apple and android. Easy to create groups and assignments. For students, it is easy to submit the assignment.

Assignment management

Teacher can create assignment paper based, easy PDF upload, upload the question blackboard compatible file or link to any outside test.

Flexible/ portable

For students and teachers, they only needs to carry simple tablet or laptop no papers required.


It supports safe exam browser and avoid copy. Set the time to complete the assignment and unit test.


Students can annotate and write PDF like the way writing on a test paper and teacher can grade them just like traditional paper checking.

Easy to share

Once the submission is done, the teacher can grade the test and make it available for students to review.