• Edbrix has opened up the informational flood gates with the launch of its advanced interactive cloud based market place portal exclusively developed to make E-Learning interactive and simple. Our single incredible sign-on portal allows all users to communicate and exchange knowledge using Google/ Microsoft Apps.
  • Our innovative portal provides a common platform to conduct the universe of learning activities within a single dashboard; teachers can broadcast live class sessions, upload pre-recorded lectures, publish courses and incorporate reference documents along with communicating with students and parents via live chat/hangout.
  • At Edbrix, we believe in building collaborative and result oriented relationships with our clients. It’s the secret ingredient that spices up our e-learning innovations to facilitate exchange of information. Along with K-12 teachers and students, the evolutionary Edbrix platform is ideal for institutions of higher learning, educational companies, and enterprises to share, archive, publish, evaluate, assess, and collaborate knowledge online. Edbrix has also extended its service to be used offline through Google/Microsoft Applications.
  • The Edbrix platform has been developed with dedication for all participants in the scholastic and enterprise education field. The participation of students, teachers, parents, and administrators has been simplified through a user oriented dashboard. Within the enterprise arena, the professional Edbrix platform ensures a trained and educated workforce encompassing employees, instructors, HR, and managers.

Awesome Edbrix Team

Edbrix takes pride in its comprehensive and talented gamut of professionals ranging from strategists and thinkers to application developers and User Experience designers. We call this amazing gamut of knowledge experts as “Awesome Edbrix”.

Edbrix is a unique fusion of talented folks providing their expertise in verticals like platform development, delivery development, sales &marketing, and strategic thinking. Edbrix professionals come from versatile disciplines having proven ability in delivering exceptional results in lightning quick time.

Executive Leadership

Ashutosh Parab – Vice President & Co-Founder

Founder of Edbrix, Ashutosh Parab is a Bachelor of Engineer in Electronics and Communication with certified expertise in Java and Oracle. Ashutosh has worked with diverse organizations such as MATLAB, SPSS, and Oracle gold partners in Africa. He headed the Africa operation for Oracle and educational software in his early days. Ashutosh has extensive international experience, having worked in India, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. With 24 years of experience in educational software, he understands the E-Learning environment and has developed the LMS disruptive Edbrix platform that is simple and complete.

Satish Manduva – President & Founder

Satish has been praised as a financial strategic mastermind. He has great leadership skills and has worked with organizations such as Blackmarr & Associates. Satish has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Tyler and an MBA from Thiagaraja School of Management. Satish was one of the founder members of a startup Sipera. Currently he is CEO of Intellisoft Technologies, a 20 million dollar revenue company that has invested in the Edbrix vision for Educational Technologies.

Technical Team

Ganesh Chaudhari – Chief Technology Officer

Ganesh is a technical Guru and has over 10 years of software development experience. For the last four years, Ganesh has been leading the software development efforts that have led to the creation of EdBrix platform. In addition, he has successfully executed several major projects in software development working at Intellisoft Technologies. Ganesh has played a key role in designing, monitoring and coding the Edbrix platform. He is an expert on various technology platforms like Microsoft, Oracle and Android.

Kathy Perez – Lead Support

Kathy is a graduate from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science. She is specialized in Psychology and Business.

She worked with very large retail corporations like Khols and JC penny. Kathy has an in-depth understanding of Enterprise value driven solutions and worked diligently to find the overall best solution within demanding time frames to meet and exceed everyone’s needs and priorities.

Kathy is a strong collaborator working with business partners, clients and internal resources for edbrix.

India Operation Leadership

Mr. Amarnath Chayanam –  Head India Operation

Amarnath has more than fifteen years of experience with Automobile and Financial Services sectors. His sharp analytical skills and a keen, incisive attitude brings in a deep and critical thinking bank to the company and strengthens it at its core. This said his inner calling was ‘to do something more contributing and to make a difference’ which was observed and researched by him on his journey as the recruitment head where interviewing young individuals brought to light many starling realities of how early childhood care and education was a key to an individuals life skills and the programming of a youth’s mind in the space of work and its ethical aspects – this research got the company LIFE to a successful reality.

Ms. Ruhi Thakkar – Head of Academics:

Ruhi has an experience of more than two decades on teaching different forms of Dance (Classical & classical contemporary, western & western contemporary, Latin ballroom & Indian Folk dances) and almost nine years of experience in the world of Pre-school. She is an Early childhood development expert with a certification on ECCE from Commander’s Academy, Mumbai along with a Masters Degree in English Literature. An author of many articles in Media and an ardent blogger she is also a certified Trainer by Success Gyan on the Global Train The Trainer programme.

Ms. Gayathri – Head of Content

Gayathri has more than fifteen years of experience in handling all aspects related to HR. She is a power house of getting things running where required in processing all necessary HR needs of a company. A Bachelor of Commerce, she has the insight to look into every minute detail in relation to data handling, recruitment and organising events for the company.
Her experiences in both India and overseas (10 years) makes her a valuable asset as her observations give many broad and critical comments for better running of the company.